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Pricing of No-Code Platform Boilerplate Pro

The No-Code No-Code Platform Boilerplate Pro is a professional version of the No-Code Platform Boilerplate. This boilerplate allows you to create faster and easier a no-code application. The boilerplate resolves the most common problems of no-code applications and provides a solid foundation for your application. Save hundreds of hours of development and focus on your business.

The pro version uses NoCode JS Pro components to enrich user experience. The pro version is also based on a more advanced back-end framework - NestJS, and implements a classic architecture: client-server. You may easily deploy this boilerplate to any cloud provider or your own server.


No-Code Platform BoilerplateNo-Code Platform Boilerplate Pro
Front-end JS frameworkNext.jsReact
Front-end CSS frameworkTailwindTailwind
Backend-end framework🚤 Next.js🚢 NestJS
NoCode JS componentsSequential Workflow Designer,
Sequential Workflow Editor,
Sequential Workflow Machine
Sequential Workflow Designer,
Sequential Workflow Editor,
Sequential Workflow Machine
NoCode JS Pro components-Sequential Workflow Designer Pro
Ready for unit testing-✅ Yes
Authentication-✅ Yes
Example steps914
PurposeSmall or medium size applicationsOnline platforms or enterprise products


Unique features of No-Code Platform Boilerplate Pro:

  • Sign up and sign - forms that allow a user to sign up and sign in,
  • Change password - a form that allows a user to change the password,
  • Traces - of the flow execution,
  • Detailed logs - each log contains the information about the step,
  • Live time logs - logs are displayed in real-time in the testing tab,
  • Maximum execution time - a user can set the maximum execution time for the workflow,
  • Metrics - you can track any metric from the implementation of the step,
  • Simple dashboard - the foundation for your own dashboard.


🍰 Startup1up to 21999 USD
local tax may apply
🎂 EnterpriseunlimitedunlimitedindividualContact us

By buying the package you will receive:

  • the perpetual standard license for Sequential Workflow Designer Pro with all benefits (check more details here),
  • the access for the private git repository with the source code of the pro boilerplate for 1 year,
  • free updates for 1 year,
  • the installation support,
  • prioritized bug reports.

Use Cases

Check what you may build with the No-Code Platform Boilerplate Pro:

  • AilaFlow - a no-code platform for building AI agents