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Sequential Workflow Components

Sequential Workflow Components

Sequential workflow refers to a structured and linear progression of tasks or activities that are executed in a specific order, one after the other. It is a concept commonly employed in various fields and industries to streamline processes and ensure efficient and organized execution of work. This concept may be combined with the no-code or low-code approach. By this you may allow non-technical users to create and manage sequential workflows in your business. Those users are called citizen developers.

NoCode JS created 3 separated components for JavaScript, React or Angular applications to help you build sequential workflows in your app:

  • Sequential Workflow Designer - a no-code tool to design on a canvas sequential workflows,
  • Sequential Workflow Editor - an editor builder to speed up creating editors for steps in your workflow,
  • Sequential Workflow Machine - a component that executes your workflow in the front-end or/and back-end.

We understand that developers use different development stack and technologies. That's why we created our components separated. You may pick only one and use it in your app. Or you may use all of them. It's up to you.


Sequential Workflow Model

Our components don't have any dependencies to each other, but they use the same data model.

Sequential Workflow Designerfront-endMIT for standard, commercial for Pro
Sequential Workflow Editorfront-endMIT for standard, commercial for Pro
Sequential Workflow Machinefront-end or/and JS back-endMIT


If you are not focused on any particular back-end framework or your choice is Node.js then you may use our boilerplates.

We prepared two boilerplates of the no-code platform that uses our components and allows you to bootstrap your project. You may use them as a starting point for your project. They contain a lot of features that can be used in any kind of no-code application. You can easily modify the boilerplate to your needs.

No-Code Platform BoilerplateSmall or medium size applicationsFree
No-Code Platform Boilerplate ProOnline platforms or enterprise productsPricing

Read pricing to read about the differences between those boilerplates.

Online Examples

Check out our online examples: