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Pricing of Sequential Workflow Machine Pro

The Sequential Workflow Machine Pro is an enterprise extension for the Sequential Workflow Machine component. What does it contain?

There are two kinds of licences:

🍰 Standard1 application
up to 2 developers
1-year updates
399 USD
local tax may apply
🎂 Enterpriseunlimited applications
unlimited developers
1-year updates
Contact us

Buy License

You will receive the perpetual license for the Sequential Workflow Machine Pro component. Additionally you will get an access to:

  • the git repository with the source code for 1 year, the repository contains the source code of the component and all pro examples,
  • the private NPM repository with the pro package for 1 year,
  • the installation support,
  • prioritized bug reports.

Check the full content of the license.

How payment process looks like? We will issue you an invoice and after the payment you will get the license, the access to the private NPM repository and the git repository.


After the 1-year period you can renew the access to updates and the repository with the source code.

🍰 Standard29 USD / month
local tax may apply
🎂 EnterpriseContact us


We also offer consulting services. The price depends on your requirements. Please 📫 contact us.