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Switch Step Component

This component is designed for if/else expressions, but you may use it for switch/case expressions too.



componentTypestringThe type of the component. To use the icon step component you must set it to switch.
idstringThe unique identifier of the step. We recommend to use the next() function from the Uid class to generate it.
namestringThe name of the switch.
typestringYour custom type of the step.
propertiesobjectThe properties of the step.
branchesobjectThe branches of the switch.


const step = {
componentType: 'switch',
id: '2a11d8498af26cdb67e2f27171e82f8e',
type: 'if',
name: 'If a > 10',
properties: {
expression: 'if (a > 10) return true; return false;'
branches: {
'true': [
// steps...
'false': [
// steps...


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