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Any Variables Value Model

The any variables value model describes a list that contains variables of any type. For example you can allow the user to select a string variable and a number variable and add to the list.


Check the Editors Example.


import { createAnyVariablesValueModel } from 'sequential-workflow-editor-model';

valueTypes: [

Optional properties:

  • valueTypes - Types of the variables that can be added to the list. If not specified, all types are allowed.

Value Reading

The value is stored in a simple object:

interface AnyVariable {
name: string;
type: ValueType;

interface AnyVariables {
variables: AnyVariable[];

To read the value you just need to read the property value:

const value: AnyVariables =['foo'];
const variables = value.variables; // [{ name: 'x', type: 'number' }, ...]